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Nov 30


The device from deep space parked itself in orbit before orienting it’s lens towards Los Angeles. Earth collectively sighed in relief when it was determined that the alien technology was not a weapon, but a probe. Further analysis revealed that the satellite took a total of 18 weeks worth of images in zeptosecond increments. The …

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Nov 30


Four years ago, in 2012, I decided to upgrade my brain. The purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S3 meant that the totality of human knowledge was now accessible to me anytime, anywhere. The pathway by which this data is accessed originates in my grey matter, weaves down through clunky typing fingers, and extends out to …

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Nov 30

First Time Colonizers

Atom was lying on the couch when his hyper comm link, or HCL for short, beeped. He glanced down at the digital display, and then, waiting for a moment of silence in-between food processor pulses, called to his wife, Lora, who was making brunch in the kitchen. “New results, babe!” Lora pulsed the cole-slaw once …

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Nov 17

Like You

With the last resources your home world had to offer, you built me: Strong and durable, to endure the rigor and entropic erosion of deep space travel. Layers upon layers of your planet now layered within me to protect your fragile biology from endless vacuum. With your brightest scientists, who stood on the evolutionary shoulders …

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Mar 15

Raspberry Pi Cluster

One thing I miss about previous employments is the ability to write parallel code on HPC systems.  Whether it involved diagonalizing large matrices to find atomic or molecular ground state energies or modeling the country of Thailand in order to understand disease transmission, I found that writing parallel code reinforced a way of thinking that you …

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Feb 13

Going to School

As an occasional scuba diver, it has been a privilege to see on more than one occasion the majesty that is a school of fish up close. I’ve often wondered what (if anything) is going through any particular fish’s mind as it effortlessly maintains its position in the school. It’s easy to see why some …

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Feb 09

Introduction and Synthesized Sound

After several iterations, Evil Quark is back!  This website exists only to collect my thoughts and reflect on my various interests.  If by some miracle of internet search you find yourself roaming these pages, I sincerely apologize for the random and hectic presentation of what you might find.  If you need clarification, have any questions, or …

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