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Jul 22

Euclidean Algorithm

The Euclidean Algorithm recursively calculates the greatest common divisor (GCD) of two integers.  It works because GCD(a,b) = GCD(a mod b, b) = GCD(b, a mod b).  Each step of the algorithm reduces the size of the numbers by about a factor of 2.  The total number of steps required is roughly log(a*b).  It is …

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Jul 20

Calculating Fibonacci Numbers

The following C++ code calculates the Nth number in the Fibonacci sequence.  The first routine recursively calculates F_n, however it is very inefficient and takes an unrealistic amount of time to calculate even moderately high values for F_n (say 100).  The second routine generates the sequence sequentially on the fly up to F_n, and is …

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Jul 11

References and Pointers (C++)

Inspired by C++ Primer, Fifth Edition A reference refers to (is another name for) another object. Any operation on the reference actually operates on the object to which the reference is bounded. A pointer is an object itself (unlike a reference) and “points to” another object. Pointers can have four states: 1) It can point …

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Jun 28

Linear Regression in C++

The following is the gradient descent algorithm implemented for linear regression using C++ and the Eigen library: